St. Francis Xavier University announces call for applications for the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic, Marine and Security Policy

St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) in Antigonish, NS, and Irving Shipbuilding are pleased to announce a call for applications for the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic, Marine and Security Policy, an initiative that will lead to valuable research in international maritime security and oceans transport.

The Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic, Marine and Security Policy at StFX will be an integral part of the university’s new Institute of Government focused on public policy, governance and global affairs, and specifically designed to target undergraduate students.

In an effort to strengthen the marine industry, the Irving Shipbuilding Chair will primarily focus on Canada’s role in international maritime security as well as oceans transport, undertaking research within the field of Canadian Arctic, Marine and Security Policy in collaboration with regional, national, and international networks. The Chair will focus on Canada’s role on global marine securities issues, on Canada’s own maritime security concerns and will be influential in developing human resources policy knowledge in the Arctic Marine Industry. The Chair will advance Canada’s understanding of marine securities issues and will inform what knowledge, skills and capacities the Canadian workforce needs to address these challenges.

“We are proud to partner with St Francis Xavier University to undertake this very important work,” said Kevin McCoy, President of Irving Shipbuilding. “Ensuring Canada has a vibrant marine industry, including in the Arctic, is of critical importance to the country.” 

“StFX is renowned for its research and collaborative efforts with leading business partners such as Irving Shipbuilding. We find it only fitting that we join forces to establish the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Canadian Arctic, Marine and Security Policy,” says StFX President Dr.Kent MacDonald. “Through partnerships such as this, StFX will continue to be recognized for its unparalleled opportunities for research and teaching — opportunities rarely found at an undergraduate level.” 

Irving Shipbuilding’s $1 million contribution is pursuant to its Value Proposition obligation under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy, whereby Irving Shipbuilding is committed to spending 0.5% of contract revenues with the aim of creating a sustainable marine industry across Canada. This will amount to approximately $12M over the next 6 years. 

StFX will begin a national, open, merit based competition for the recruitment and selection process for the Chair.


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