Upcoming Work Packages

CSC Procurement Packages

Below are work packages that Irving Shipbuilding plans to begin initial engagements with industry on within the next 6 months. All packages that will undergo a competitive process and all proponents must be registered on Irving Shipbuilding’s supplier portal to participate in events. Please check back regularly as referenced information is subject to change.

Steps for Interested Suppliers:

  • Verify email address used in JAGGAER
  • Ensure proper access to JAGGAER
  • Register under corresponding commodity code
  • Select "un-solicited" when registering
Supplier Login or Join JAGGAER Supplier Network

*Must be registered under the commodity code in JAGGAER to receive updates and participate in this event.

Status Descriptions:


Initial engagements are scheduled within the next six months. If your organization is interested in this event, please ensure you are registered to the corresponding commodity code in Jaggaer to receive the RFI and any updates.

In preparation for release

Irving Shipbuilding’s team is drafting the event for release. At this point we are no longer accepting expressions of interest from new proponents.

RFI Issued

Initial RFI has been issued to proponents who were registered against the commodity code in jaggaer.

RFI Closed

The period to complete the RFI is closed and Irving Shipbuilding is in the process of assessing RFI's.

On Hold

Potential change in release date. Please check back soon for an update.

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Category CSC Package Name Commodity Code* Open Date Event Status
Auxiliary Wholeship Valves SHP066 2023-01 RFI Issued
Electrical LV Electrical Package SHP320 2022-06 RFI Closed
Outfit Doors Hatches and Scuttles SHP066 2022-09 RFI Closed
Seamanship Engine Room Stanchions SHP612 2022-11 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Auxiliary Deck & Bulkhead Penetrations SHP500 2023-02 Upcoming
Auxiliary AVCAT Filter Water Separator SHP542 2023-01 Upcoming
Auxiliary Pipe GRE SHP505 2022-12 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Metallic Pipe Fittings & Pipe Material SHP505 2023-01 RFI Issued
Auxiliary Flexible Hoses Bellows Suction Entries SHP500 2022-10 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Ship General Eductors SHP526 2022-11 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Fluid Sight Glass Indicators SHP437 2022-11 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Cast Elbows & Tees SHP610 2022-10 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Pipe Hanger Clamps SHP500 2022-12 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Pipe Hanger Inserts SHP500 2022-11 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Pipe Support Manacles SHP505 2023-01 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Diesel Pre-Filter Coalescers SHP342 2022-12 RFI Closed
Auxiliary Gaskets SHP500 2022-10 RFI Closed
Electrical Navigation Lighting and Peripherals SHP422 2023-04 Upcoming
Electrical Tempest Filters SHP446 2023-05 Upcoming
Electrical Cable Documents SHP304 2022-10 RFI Closed
Electrical Electrical Transit Frames SHP320 2022-09 RFI Closed
Electrical Electrical Deck and Bulkhead Penetrations SHP320 2022-09 RFI Closed
Electrical Electrical Equipment Glands SHP320 2022-09 RFI Closed
Electrical Cable Containment Ladder Rack SHP320 2022-09 RFI Closed
Electrical Cable Containment Basket & Cross Bearers SHP320 2022-09 RFI Closed
Electrical Junction Boxes & Isolator Hand Change Over Switches SHP324 2022-10 RFI Closed
Electrical Electrical Complex Boxes and Switches SHP324 2022-10 RFI Closed
IPMS Acoustic Monitoring SHP491 2023-01 RFI Issued
IPMS Visual Surveillance System SHP439 2023-02 Upcoming
Outfit Alucore Raw Material SHP624 2023-07 Upcoming
Outfit Centre Feed Hose Reels SHP066 2023-02 Upcoming
Outfit External Manufactured Outfit Items (Stainless Steel) SHP066 2023-07 Upcoming
Outfit Fittings For Furniture SHP066 2023-07 Upcoming
Outfit Refrigeration Machinery for Cold Provision SHP516 2022-07 RFI Closed
Outfit Paint & Preservation SHP631 2022-10 RFI Closed
Outfit Abrasive Blast and Paint Application SHP631 2023-04 Upcoming
Outfit Insulation SHP635 2022-09 RFI Closed
Outfit Manhole & Access Panel Gaskets SHP066 2022-09 RFI Closed
Outfit Fasteners SHP075 2022-09 RFI Closed
Outfit Weld Studs - Outfit SHP075 2022-09 RFI Closed
Outfit Portable BA and Stowage's SHP665 2023-04 Upcoming
Outfit Restraining Poles and Straps SHP066 2023-04 Upcoming
Outfit Step Covers SHP622 2023-07 Upcoming
Outfit Treadplates SHP622 2023-07 Upcoming
P&P Watertight Bellow SHP500 2023-03 Upcoming
P&P Bulkhead Glands SHP066 2023-03 Upcoming
Seamanship Guardrails and Stanchions SHP612 2023-04 Upcoming
Seamanship Swimmer of the Watch Davit and Equipment SHP066 2023-04 Upcoming
Seamanship Engine Room Stanchions SHP612 2022-10 RFI Closed
Structure Structural Steel SHP100 2023-01 RFI Issued
Structure Wholeship Eyeplates SHP186 2023-01 RFI Closed
Structure Weld Studs - Structural SHP180 2023-01 RFI Closed
Transverse Acoustic Tiles SHP636 2023-05 Upcoming
Transverse Composite Armour SHP066 2023-02 Upcoming
Auxiliary Strainers-Mud Box Type SHP526 2023-05 Upcoming
Auxiliary Pipe System Identification Tape SHP507 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Bi-Folding Doors SHP066 2023-04 Upcoming
Auxiliary Watertight Valves UPS Controllers SHP313 2023-05 Upcoming
Auxiliary LP Air Cylinder SHP551 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Steel Gratings SHP622 2023-05 Upcoming
Auxiliary ATU Condensate Transfer Unit SHP514 2023-04 Upcoming
Outfit Outfit Ancilliary Parts SHP066 2023-05 Upcoming
Electrical Phenolic Gratings SHP622 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Folding Ladders and Step Ladders SHP623 2023-06 Upcoming
Outfit Solar Blind SHP639 2023-04 Upcoming
Outfit Sanitary SHP644 2023-05 Upcoming
Structure Metals for Manufactured Parts SHP066 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Shipwide Suspended Ceilings SHP624 2023-05 Upcoming
Auxiliary Flange & Valve Isolating Kits SHP500 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Shipwide Soft Furnishings SHP640 2023-06 Upcoming
Outfit Fire Extinguisher Brackets & Lifebuoy Release Unit SHP066 2023-03 Upcoming
Outfit Roller Shutters SHP066 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Partition Bulkheads & Linings SHP21 2023-03 Upcoming
Outfit GRP Ladders SHP623 2023-05 Upcoming
Outfit Workshop Equipment SHP665 2023-05 Upcoming
Seamanship Access Brow Divers Mediterranean Ladder SHP623 2023-05 Upcoming
Seamanship Ceremonial Equipment SHP066 2023-05 Upcoming
Aviation Awnings and Equipment SHP613 2023-04 Upcoming
Seamanship Mission Bay Side Doors SHP167 2023-03 Upcoming

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