Our Facilities

Halifax Shipyard

Since 2012, Irving Shipbuilding has invested over $400 million to create the most modern, innovative and cost-effective shipbuilding facility in North America.

Our facilities on Halifax Harbour are custom designed for the efficient building of Canada’s naval ships. At 408 metres in length and 46 metres in height, our Assembly and Ultra Hall facilities provide the largest undercover shipbuilding operation in North America.

Marine Fabricators

Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Marine Fabricators has 9,270m2 of production space, providing steel burning, cutting, forming and fabrication services.

Marine Fabricators carries out the initial work preparing steel for the Artic and Offshore Patrol Ships currently under construction at Halifax Shipyard. Raw steel is delivered to this facility to be cut, molded and kitted. The kitted steel is delivered by truck to Halifax Shipyard

Woodside Industries

Woodside Industries has a long history in offshore fabrication, providing exceptional experience and expertise in industrial fabrication, offshore topsides, and rig upgrades.

Located on Halifax Harbour, in close proximity to Halifax Shipyard, Woodside Industries also supplements build capacity for the shipyard. Sections of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships under construction at Halifax Shipyard are being fabricated at Woodside Industries and transported to the shipyard for further outfitting and assembly.

Bluenose Building

Irving Shipbuilding’s newest facility, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is home to our CSC team and Fleetway Inc. team. At nearly 600 people, the Bluenose Building is home to one of the largest engineering & design workforces in Canada.

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