Our Work

Our Work

As a partner in the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) with the federal government, the Halifax Shipyard is at the forefront of shipbuilding in Canada. In 2011, Irving Shipbuilding was selected through the competitive and transparent NSS to construct Canada’s future naval combatant fleet. Since then, we have invested more than $400 million to build North America’s most modern shipyard and provide Canada with needed shipbuilding capability.

Artic offshore patrol ships
Launch of HMCS Harry DeWolf, 2018

Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS)

Halifax Shipyard is building six Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships for the Royal Canadian Navy, to be followed by two AOPS variants for the Canadian Coast Guard under the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

With work well underway, our shipbuilders are hitting their stride with this new class of ship for the Royal Canadian Navy. Currently, Ship 1, Ship 2, Ship 3, and Ship 4 have been delivered, Ship 5 will be launched in 2023, and Ship 6 is under construction in the Module Hall. Ship 7 - the first of two ships being built for the Canadian Coast Guard - is now under construction in the Assembly Hall.

Canadian Surface Combat Vessel
Artist rendering of the Canadian Surface Combatant

Canadian Surface Combatant

The Canadian Surface Combatants are designed to provide the very best protection for the brave sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy and Canada’s coastlines. These ships are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will allow Canada to conduct independent naval operations, while simultaneously allowing for greater interoperability, on par with our NORAD and NATO allies and other partner nations. The CSC is the best ship to serve Canada and protect our borders, while being able to work with our allies through advanced interoperability.

Selecting a fleet of single-class ships helps eliminate unnecessary costs, facilitates better production efficiency, improves training, and allows the Royal Canadian Navy to independently conduct naval operations. Irving Shipbuilding Inc. works closely with our CSC partners Lockheed Martin Canada and BAE Systems.

Ship Repair
HMCS Ville de Quebec in the ship repair graving dock at Halifax Shipyard, 2022

Ship Repair

We don’t just build the fleet, we maintain it.

Our entire Ship Repair team is united in the goal of delivering naval readiness through docking work periods for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates. The first frigate was launched by Irving Shipbuilding in Saint John, NB in 1988 (commissioned in 1992) and this class of major surface combatants is tasked to safely deliver excellence on operations seamlessly through to the acceptance of the Canadian Surface Combatants.

The modernization of Halifax-class is a true representation of Irving Shipbuilding’s legacy in shipbuilding and maintenance.

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