Study Examines Interest in Marine Careers Among New Brunswick Youth

A study released recently highlights the need to increase awareness among New Brunswick youth about career opportunities in the oceans industry, including shipbuilding, boatbuilding, aquaculture, tidal energy, and ocean technologies.

Building on their previous Student Intentions and Perceptions Study conducted in Nova Scotia, researchers for the Marine People Partnership at the Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise along with the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, surveyed over 3,200 students in grades 6-9 across New Brunswick regarding careers in the Oceans Industry. 

Similar to students in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick youth had a low interest (13% in both provinces) in a career in the marine industry, but students in New Brunswick had lower awareness of marine careers, and more negative responses when asked about their interest in the ocean sector.

This and other research by Dr. Sherry Scully and the Marine People Partnership on research into human resource needs in the Canadian marine sector is funded in part by Irving Shipbuilding, as part of the Value Proposition commitment under the Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy. Through this commitment, Irving Shipbuilding will invest 0.5% of contract revenues in projects that will help create a sustainable marine industry. The Value Proposition commitments on the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships, currently under construction at the Halifax Shipyard, will provide over $12.5 million in funding to projects across Canada.  


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