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Veterans' Week 2022: Meet Tom Sheehan - Director, Ship Repair

Tom Sheehan is the Director of Ship Repair at Irving Shipbuilding, bringing 22 years of experience from his career in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

Before joining Irving Shipbuilding in November 2020, Tom worked as a Formation Technical Authority/Engineering Manager where he was responsible for the safety and technical readiness of all the East Coast warships and submarines. Tom played a vital part in understanding the material state of the Halifax-class frigates. He also led initiatives to sustain the frigates for another 30 years.

“I loved every minute of my career in the RCN, and still feel very connected in my current role with Ship Repair. I have the opportunity to work with the sailors every day and have a direct influence over delivering safe and capable major surface combatants to meet Canada’s operational requirements.”

Over the years, Tom held many roles within the RCN from Junior Engineer, Assistant Head of Department, Administration Officer, to Detachment Commander.

In 2007, Tom traveled to Afghanistan where he spent seven months serving as a Duty Officer. As Duty Officer, he worked in the Provincial Operation Center coordinating the activities of the 32 countries operating in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Tom was also responsible for coordinating medical evacuations and the efforts of the Canadian battle group, reconstruction team, and Afghan Army Training unit. After returning from Afghanistan, Tom continued his work with the RCN as he progressed in various roles growing his skills as a Naval Engineer.

Tom Sheehan during his service.

From a young age, Tom always knew he wanted to serve his country and go to sea. Once he graduated from high school, he joined the army reserves to gain experience before heading to the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario for a Mechanical Engineering degree.

“My military career was focused on developing and delivering naval readiness for missions around the world. Now, as I work in Ship Repair and lead the frigate refits, I feel like I am making a very important contribution to naval readiness and to sustaining the frigates for many years past their intended service life.”


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