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Scholarships for Royal Canadian Sea Cadets from Across Canada

Sixteen Royal Canadian Sea Cadets from across Canada are recipients of a total of $20,000 in university scholarships from Irving Shipbuilding in partnership with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation (RCSCEF). The scholarships are intended encourage Canada’s Sea Cadets to explore careers in marine industry. Irving Shipbuilding has committed $100,000 in Sea Cadet scholarships through this partnership.

The awards focus on a wide variety of marine and shipbuilding careers, including naval architecture, industrial engineering, and key trades.

“The Sea Cadet Program has taught me a lot, and I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't been involved in it. The Irving Shipbuilding scholarship for the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation has sincerely humbled and honoured me. The determination, hard effort, and notably a terrific look into the marine based business that I gained as a sea cadet for six years, has substantially influenced my post-secondary education. This scholarship has helped me significantly with my tuition and fees as a first-year Nautical Science student at Marine Institute in St. John's, Newfoundland. I strongly recommend anyone interested in applying for this scholarship to do so.” – CPO2 Hayley North
“I appreciate the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation for recognizing my achievements and supporting my continued studies in engineering at the University of British Columbia. I have been involved in the UBC Steel Bridge engineering design team throughout my first year, and recently had the opportunity to attend the Canadian National Steel Bridge Competition where we had a podium finish of 2nd place overall! The scholarship has encouraged me to continue to put forth my best effort and be engaged in the UBC community - I look forward to making more memories in the years to come.” Coco Ruan
“The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation Scholarship has made a significant difference in the funding of my post-secondary education. I am currently in the Nautical Science program at Fisheries and Marine Institute of Newfoundland, and without the help of this scholarship I would be at a substantial disadvantage in regard to tuition and accommodation costs. Thank you again to Irving Shipbuilding and the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation for all your support.” - Grace Lydon
"I am beyond proud and grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. It will allow me to purchase the materials I need to succeed in my studies. Additionally, it will lighten the burden of my tuition. The cadet program helped me succeed in junior high and high school; by teaching me communication, dedication, and to have confidence in my abilities. Now even in university, I see the cadet program supporting me." - Katherine Eason





Alissa Chen

Richmond, BC

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Applied Science program

Anthony Burton

Blake Bouchard

Shearwater, NS

Saint Francis Xavier University

Bachelor of Science

Bradley Baker

Cobourg, ON

The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

Nautical Science

Dennis Gutu

Repentigny, QC

Institut Maritime du Quebec

Grace Lydon

Medicine Hat, AB

Marine Institute

Nautical Sci (Merchant Marine)

Grace Smith

Bedeque, PE

Marine Institute

Ocean Mapping

Hayley North

Red Head Cove, NL

Marine Institute

Nautical Sci (Merchant Marine)

Hua Jia (Coco) Ruan

Coquitlam, BC

University of British Columbia


Jonathan Gershkovich

Hamilton, ON

McMaster University


Katherine Eason

Conception Bay South, NL

Marine Institute

Nautical Sci (Merchant Marine)

Olivia Drake

Burin, NL

Marine Institute

Nautical Sci (Merchant Marine)

Samantha Haire

Harbour Grace, NL

Thompson Rivers University

Sarah Paulen

Ottawa, ON

Queen’s University

Bachelor of Science

Spencer Chatman

Lethbridge, NL

Memorial University

Bachelor of Science

Tyler Simms

Bay Roberts, NL

Marine Institute

Nautical Sci (Merchant Marine)

Irving Shipbuilding’s support to the RCSCEF is part of the Value Proposition commitment under the National Shipbuilding Strategy. To date, Irving Shipbuilding has committed more than $24 million in Value Proposition investments toward creating a sustainable marine industry across Canada. One focus area of the Value Proposition is to support workforce development and the attraction of people into the marine industry in Canada.


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