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Quebec small businesses contributing to technology onboard Canada’s Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships

The work on the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) project spans far beyond the Halifax Shipyard. From coast to coast to coast, Irving Shipbuilding and its major suppliers currently have more than $1.9 billion in spending commitments across Canada, including more than $250 million in Quebec. 

Irving Shipbuilding contracted L3 MAPPS to design and deliver the Integrated Platform Management System for the Royal Canadian Navy’s AOPS under construction at the Halifax Shipyard. L3 MAPPS’ Integrated Platform Management System provides comprehensive monitoring and control of the ship’s propulsion, electrical, ancillary, auxiliary and includes the Battle Damage Control System technology, On-Board Training System and CCTV, all of which is already deployed on-board the RCN’s Halifax-class ships.

L3 MAPPS is a global supplier of control and simulation solutions for the marine, power generation and space sectors. Headquartered in Montréal, L3 MAPPS entered the marine market in 1983, when they designed and delivered the first generation Integrated Machinery Control System for the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class patrol frigates. L3 MAPPS’ Integrated Platform Management System has been deployed on over 235 warships in 22 global navies.

Since the completion of the AOPS Project Definition Phase in 2015, L3 MAPPS has been working towards completion of the Project Implementation Phase and working closely with several small businesses in the Montréal area, including Integral Management Solutions (IMS) and B3CG Interconnect.

IMS offers a variety of business, engineering, and manufacturing solutions. Their role on the AOPS project is to procure the components, assemble and wire the alarm and bridge panels, and carry out testing before delivering the completed and validated panels to L3 MAPPS. IMS has worked on similar projects both domestically and for international export.  

The team at IMS in Montreal

B3CG Interconnect, located just outside of Montréal, in St-Eustache, specializes in cable assembly and electrical systems integration. B3CG’s contract with L3 MAPPS includes the production of 14 Remote Terminal Units (RTU) for each AOPS. The RTUs are assembled and wired by B3CG, then delivered to L3 MAPPS for testing and integration with the rest of the Integrated Platform Management System equipment.

The partnerships between IMS and B3CG with L3 MAPPS fall under Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) program. The IRB program ensures that 100% of the value of significant defense contracts is spent in Canada. These two companies are now benefitting from additional contracts awarded by L3 MAPPS both in the naval and power generation businesses nationally and internationally.

L3 MAPPS is working hard to ensure that Canada’s navy is strong, secure and engaged while working with Canadian Industry to ensure economic benefits for Canadians in Canada. This network of expertise is a great example of how AOPS will be built on strong partnerships and cooperation among small, medium and large Canadian companies. 


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