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Meet the Power Family

Meet Frank Power and his two children, Geoff and Julia. Frank is a Piping Trades Manager and has been with Irving Shipbuilding (ISI) for nearly twenty years. Geoff is a Senior Contract Advisor and has been with ISI for twelve years, while Julia is a laborer and has been with the company for two years.

Left to Right: Julia Power, Frank Power, Geoff Power.

Frank’s experience and expertise make him a go-to team member at Halifax Shipyard. Throughout his career, Frank has worked on diverse shipbuilding projects, from Deep-Sea Anchor handling vessels in the early 2000s, to the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships currently under construction.

As Piping Trade Manager, Frank enjoys the wide reach of his role.

“My favorite part of trades management is the positive impact being made to the culture at Irving Shipbuilding. We are seeing an engagement of supervision and craft toward quality we have never experienced before,” says Frank. “I know with every project completed at the Shipyard, when a ship sails away, it carries the hearts and souls of those who worked on each ship.”

Frank is joined at ISI by his children Julia and Geoff, as well as several cousins.

“It is a pleasure to talk and offer advice to these amazing individuals at work,” says Frank. “You get to watch these young shipbuilders as they mature into their careers and grow as professionals. A career at Irving Shipbuilding will give stability to their lives with a good income to allow these individuals the same opportunities the shipyard gave me so long ago. It brings me comfort to know they have a great place to work and enjoy life with their families.”

Frank’s son Geoff has held many roles within ISI. He started as a Pipefitter, then moved to Ship Repair Estimating, transitioned to be a Ship Repair Planner, then Team Lead Ship Repair Planner, Assistant Manager Ship Repair Planning, Ship Repair Planning Manager and is now the Ship Repair Program Manager. Throughout his career, Geoff has felt Frank’s support.

“My dad has always been there to support me through it all. He is someone I can talk to about all the positives and challenges that have come throughout the years,” says Geoff. “When I would be nervous for a change or doubt myself, he was always there to boost my confidence and provide me with the support so I knew I could do it.”

Geoff is proud when team members realize that he is Frank Power’s son. “One of the best complements I can receive is when people say, ‘you are exactly like your dad’,” says Geoff. “He is very respected by everyone he encounters. I am striving to ensure I continue his legacy within Halifax Shipyard, even if I know they are big shoes to fill. He is the greatest person I know, and I am proud to call him my dad.”

The Power Family.

Julia has Frank to thank for her interest in joining the ISI team.

“Through his encouragement and guidance, I am where I am today. He opened my eyes to this opportunity for me to start a new career with Irving Shipbuilding,” says Julia. “My dad is always there and is someone you can always count on. He is someone who inspires those around him regardless of their experience, allows you to make mistakes without judgment and will help you overcome them.”

Previously working in a different field, Julia decided it was time to change her career path to continue to support her daughter.

Julia with her daughter, Meika.

“This change has offered me new opportunities for my daughter that I had not been able to previously offer her. It has changed her life for the future as well,” says Julia. “My experience with ISI has been life changing. This career is allowing me to show my daughter that anything is possible, there is always knowledge you can learn and strive for. The opportunities are endless.”


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