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Meet Kaitlyn Veitch, Supply Chain Manager

For Kaitlyn Veitch, one of the best things about working at Irving Shipbuilding is the dynamic and fast paced environment. “Every single day looks different, whether you’re tackling tactical problems or negotiating with a supplier or presenting to our executive team.”

Kaitlyn is a Supply Chain Manager who has seen the Irving Shipbuilding team grow from 500 employees to over 2,400 since she joined in 2015.

Kaitlyn found her path in supply chain by chance. During her undergraduate program at Dalhousie University, she discovered she thrived in a dynamic environment with plenty of variety. And through a case competition at Dalhousie, Kaitlyn realized that supply chain management would be a great fit for her.

At Irving Shipbuilding, she appreciates that her role allows her to do work in a variety of fields ranging from finance, marketing, and legal to logistics, storage, and operations.

Kaitlyn leads a team with a focus on innovating and improving processes. “My team works to enable and support across all our different programs, whether that’s through continuous improvement initiatives, changing data into insights, managing financial submissions at completion, and industry engagement.”

Witnessing partner and industry growth is a satisfying part of Kaitlyn’s job. She has watched supply chain partners grow from just starting in the shipbuilding and defence industry to becoming key international players. “It’s really exciting to see suppliers develop and see both us and the industry grow together.”

The role Kaitlyn and her team play in rebuilding Canada’s domestic shipbuilding industry is not lost on her.

“Our shipyard is really at the centre of our city. Whenever there’s a ship launch in the harbour, we’re able to watch with our friends and family and celebrate those wins together. To see a ship sail away for the Navy is the most rewarding feeling.”


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