Celebrating 5 Years of Safety and Teamwork at Woodside Industries

Woodside Industries in Dartmouth is building complex modules for Canada’s new fleet of Arctic Offshore and Patrol Ships (AOPS) that are then transferred across the harbor to the Halifax Shipyard for outfitting and assembly into Ships for Canada. The business has grown from a team of 6 in 2016, to 50 welders and metal fabricators bringing their skills to building the ice-breaking bow, bow thrusters and mast units for AOPS. This month, the team celebrates 5 years of shipbuilding and an impressive safety milestone – 5 years with no lost time injuries. At the same time, the team has realized a 11% improvement in productivity on bow thruster fabrication from ship 3 to ship 4.

“We are like a family here, we look after one another when it comes to safety and we pull together as a team to deliver the best quality to our teammates at Halifax Shipyard and those who serve Canada on the ships we are proud to be building,” says JP Follador the Director of Production at the site. “This safety milestone is a tribute to every person who comes to work keeping the promise that everyone goes home safe.”


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