Amber Taylor, HSE Safety Advisor at Halifax Shipyard

Amber Taylor, a Mount Saint Vincent University graduate who had intentions of becoming a teacher, changed directions in her career path after hearing from her father about the need for Safety Advisors in an industrial setting, a field he worked in for over 30 years.

Knowing she could help, Amber attended NSCC for Occupational Health and Safety. Today, she works as an HSE Safety Advisor with Irving Shipbuilding.

“I’ve always admired the work done at Halifax Shipyard and had been looking for a position there since graduating from NSCC,” says Amber. “I applied for the Safety Advisor position and I guess it was the right time!”

As a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Safety Advisor, an essential part of Amber’s job is to keep a positive presence in the yard and on the ships, ensuring all shipbuilders are safe while building and maintaining Canada’s future fleet.

“My best days are when I am able to work through a problem or a concern with someone or provide information on an HSE topic that they needed clarification on,” said Amber.

Every day is different in Amber’s role. One day she could be educating employees and managers about Irving Shipbuilding safety programs and processes, and the next, she could be clarifying confined spaces for entry of work. Another day Amber could be updating policies and procedures.

Recently, Amber contributed to the company’s industry-leading COVID-19 protocols. She assisted with developing temperature screening, sanitization and cleaning protocols, and created the COVID-19 training module that every employee, visitor, and contractor must complete before entering an Irving Shipbuilding site.

Amber believes there are a wide range of opportunities for many people at Irving Shipbuilding. “You probably have the skills you need to work at the Shipyard but, you just don’t know it yet,” says Amber.


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