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Our suppliers are an essential part of Irving Shipbuilding’s ability to build ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard. The mission for our supply chain is to provide, build, and maintain quality materials and services to satisfy our customers’ needs while building lasting relationships, managing risk, and optimizing costs.

Our Supply Chain Principles include:
  • Building positive relationships that meet performance expectations and contractual obligations
  • A shared focus on the needs of the customer
  • Openness and transparency in operations
  • Shared and stretching improvement goals
  • Mutual respect of the business objectives of Irving Shipbuilding and the supplier
We select suppliers based on four primary considerations:
  • Capability to meet the functional requirements of the vessel
  • Value optimization and commercial terms
  • Canadian work content
  • Compliance with our customers’ expectations and contracts

Suppliers chosen in support of the National Shipbuilding Strategy are expected to provide 100% Industrial and Regional Benefits through direct or indirect activities, and provide better value to Canada including contributing to the development of sustainable marine industry in Canada.

We measure suppliers based on performance against cost, quality, delivery, and responsiveness. All products are expected to be delivered on time, and in the case of materials and equipment, in a window that starts two weeks earlier than the contractual delivery date and finishes no more than three days after this date. We expect competitive, stable, and predictable costs and cost improvement. We expect product to be delivered right firs time with zero defects. We expect proactive and constructive response to all changes that are required during the implementation of our programs.

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